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For every SAKOS backpack purchased, another backpack will be donated to a child in need in the U.S. By making a purchase, you are planting the seed of hope, establishing a lifelong partnership and making a positive impact to a child's life.

We've Got Your Back™ is a campaign created to help combat poverty through education. It is a constant reminder to the child that someone, somewhere, "has his / her back" and wants him / her to succeed in life.

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45 Million

Americans in the USA

live below the poverty line

16 Million

of them are Children

1.2 Million

Students drop out of school before finishing High School in the U.S. every year



At SAKOS, we believe one the best things people can do to help combat poverty effectively is to partner with someone in need. Giving alone is not enough. It has never proven to be a long term solution.



The Movement cannot happen without the dedication of the people who believe and share the SAKOS's mission with the world.

Share the movement and fight poverty. We need you!

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By purchasing a SAKOS backpack, you are planting a seed of hope and help create a path that brings light and guidance for a better future to a child in need.



Born in Rach Gia, Vietnam, SAKOS Founder Chris Lee not only witnessed poverty, he lived through it. As child, Chris went to school in torn clothes and barefoot, with no school bags, often having to skip meals.

In the late 1970s his family escaped their homeland in a wooden boat searching for a better life and spent days drifting at sea, encountering robberies by pirates and other calamities. They barely survived on a refugee island for nearly a year before they were rescued and provided asylum to the U.S.

Today, after having lived in the U.S. for nearly forty years, Chris reflects on his childhood memories only to realize there are still many children just like him, suffering in deprivation. The shocking reality is that these children living in poverty conditions are not only from Vietnam and other countries; they're also here in the United States.

Wanting to make a positive impact in the life of children, Chris is transforming the small business he founded in 2004, SAKOS, to an organization with a new vision to battle and overcome poverty - one child at a time.

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We've Got Your Back™


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